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25 Famous Redheads To Inspire You To Try Auburn Hair Color

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Welcome to the 25 ideas for auburn hair color. In the following article, you will find an excellent selection of 25 ideas for auburn hair color. No matter what is your complexion or face shape you will be able to find an auburn hair color that will match and enhance your beauty. Liven up your presence and with an auburn hair color, the perfect shade for autumn and winter.


1. Bright copper auburn – Florence Welch

Florence-Welch-bright-cooper-hairA singer and a songwriter Florence Welch from the Florence + The Machine looks positively elegant and stylish with her bright copper auburn hair in this photo. In order to get this look, the base of your hair needs to be light auburn and a controlled and balanced blond and coppery highlights need to be added.  In order to get the soft look, a texturizing spray use is a must.

2. Dark blonde ginger – Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine Petsch dark blonde ginger hair

Madelaine Petsch dark blonde ginger hair

Madelaine Petsch, the Riverdale star, looks gorgeous in this photo with her dark blond ginger hair that is patterned with darker nuances towards lower sections of the hair. This hair color is often very dynamic and layered having blond highlights and darker coppery core. It works best on fair complexions and light colored eyes with minimal eye makeup.

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3. Classic mahogany auburn – Katy Perry

Katy Perry mahogany auburn hairThe singer and songwriter Katy Perry sports a long, flowing classic mahogany auburn hair. This hair color is great if you naturally have thin and fine hair as it gives volume and luster to the locks. For extra depth, the coloring can be slightly altered by adding deep red nuances.

4. Bright copper auburn – Kristen Stewart

Bright copper auburn – Kristen StewartThe Twilight Saga actress Kristen Stewart in this picture is featured with a bright copper auburn color of her mid-length layered hair. This hair color tone goes exceptionally well with natural makeup with auburn shades. In terms of complexion, this hair color tone is suitable for fair to very light to medium skin color. To keep this hair color vivid for longer use tinted shampoo specifically formulated for colored auburn hair.

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5. Medium copper auburn – Amy Adams

amy-adams-red-copper-hairAmy Adams on this photo looks stellar with her medium copper auburn top. This hair color is quite vibrant and noticeable. Typically, it goes well with pale complexions but it can be modified in a subtle way in order to work with darker complexions also.

6. Light chestnut auburn – Lily Collins

Lily Collins chestnut red - celebrity redheadsAn Amerian and English actress Lily Collins in this photo looks amazing and alluring with her light chestnut, auburn locks. This shade of aburn is chic and sophisticated and typically suits fair complexions very well. This auburn shade also goes well with dark, smoky eye makeup and naturally tinted lips.

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7. Light brown auburn – Bella Thorne

Bella-Thorne-Sexy-red-hair-celebrity-redheadsThe actress Bella Thorne in this photo wears her light brown auburn hair with wonderful styling – long layered hair, side front section parting, soft perfectly groomed waves, and glamorous shine. This rich, dynamic and bright hair color is perfect for light to medium skin and dark eyes.

8. Vivid red auburn – Emma Stone

emma_stone_vivid red auburn hair-celebrity-redheadsFor years Emma Stone was changing her hair color between different shades of red and blonde. But this vivid auburn red hair color is her best. At least in our opinion. Bold, confident and even provocative this hair color is certainly not for the faint-hearted. To keep your fiery red auburn hair bright between coloring, make sure to use hair color protection products.

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9. Dark blond auburn – Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey with dark blonde auburn hairMusical sensation Lana Del Rey has won our hearts with her magical voice. But her gorgeous locks have been a subject of magazine article forever. The singer changes her hair color and length in the past. But in our opinion, this Dark Blonde Auburn hair color suited her the best. This hair color is soft and romantic and it warms up any complexion. You should ask your stylist for ash blond base before adding the light auburn.

10. Classic ginger auburn – Marcia Cross

Classic-ginger-auburn-–-Marcia-CrossThe star of The Desperate Housewives Marcia Cross looks amazing on this photo with her classic ginger auburn locks. The hair color is quite vibrant and chic while also being classy and elegant at the same time. To protect your hair color from fading the use of color care shampoo and conditioner is necessary.

11. Classic red auburn – Ariana Grande

Ariana grande red auburn hairAriana Grande in this photo looks simply phenomenal with her classic dark auburn hair. Dark auburn suits pale complexions the best, though it can be easily modified to suit darker ones also. You should simply add few well-chosen highlights that will complement your skin tone.

12. Light ginger – Jessica Chastain

jessica-chastain-light ginger hair-celebrity redheadsJessica Chastain looks phenomenal with her long, light ginger locks. The gorgeous redhead actress stuck with this shade of ginger for few years. This is actually very close to her natural color. The bright ginger is slightly toned down with soft add undertoned on lower sections of her hair. Her brows are always toned to the same ashed greyish shade.

13. Ginger streaks dark auburn –  Debra Messing

Debra-Messing auburn red hair with highlightsDebra Messing is well known for her gorgeous ginger hair. But here the actress went for the bright-dark auburn with ginger streaks. This is definitely a winning color combination. The actress looks sophisticated and chic. The hair color is wonderfully accented by the sleek styling which seems to be quite subtle but also very elegant. In order to get this hair color, you need to apply an auburn base over which brighter coppery streaks need to be carefully applied.

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14. Medium ginger auburn – Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams medium ginger hair - redhead celebritiesRachel McAdams looks quite phenomenal in this photo with her medium ginger auburn tresses.  The notably orange tone of the hair brightens up the skin tones also, bringing them to life in the photo. This hair color is fun, flirty, and good for all seasons.

15. Ash ginger auburn – Nicole Kidman

nicole-kidman-ginger blonde hair - celebrity redheadsAustralian actress Nicole Kidman is one of the most famous Hollywood redheads of all times. She looks exceptional here with her ash ginger auburn hair color that is plaited into a thick side swept hair. This hair color is best suited for spring as it is very soft and romantic while also it warms the skin tone of pale complexions very nicely. The base needs to be blond before adding auburn.

16. Medium brown auburn – Keira Knightley

Keira-Knightley-medium-brown-auburnKeira Knightley looks amazing in this photo with medium brown auburn tresses that are worn in a quite natural way on her shoulders. There is a sense of mystery and sensuality that goes along with this shade. This is especially pointed out on brown colored eyes and fair to very fair complexions.

17. Medium ash auburn – Alexis Blede

alexis-bledel-red-haircolorAlexis Bledel looks very elegant and romantic with her medium ash auburn hair color here. In order to achieve this look, you need to start with a dark auburn base that suits your complexion and skin tone. After this, copper-based tones need to be added. Finally, the subtle blond highlights are added.

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18. Light ginger auburn – Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks fire ginger red hair - celebrity redheadsHolywood diva Christina Hendricks looks stellar here with her light ginger auburn hair color that seems to radiate with warmness. This hair color has a soft and romantic character that borders on being whimsical. It best suits very light complexions with light colored eyes.

19. Medium ash auburn – Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson ash ginger hair - celebrities redheadsScarlett Johansson in this photo sports elegant and subtle medium ash, auburn colored hair that warms her skin tones in a very nice way. The color also accentuates her eyes in a very nice way. This muted hair color is quite romantic and sensual and it is perfect for light to medium complexions.

20. Shiny medium auburn – Emma Stone

Shiny-medium-auburn-Emma-StoneAn actress Emma Stone looks quite radiant with her shiny, medium auburn colored hair. The hair is also quite glossy looking which is especially notable in the brightly lit areas of her hair. This hair color tone suits both fair and darker complexions adding warm shine to the skin. After the coloring is done a shinning was is necessary.

We are at the end of the list of the 25 ideas for auburn hair color. Consult with your stylist, chose wisely, and take into account your complexion and eye color and you can also bring some more liveliness in the way your hair looks. Change your hair colors from time to time or simply change them seasonally as having the right hair color in the right season will always make you look bright.

21. Light ash auburn – Emma Watson

Bright-copper-auburn-Emma-WatsonEmma Watson looks quite pretty, elegant and dreamy in this photo with her long, light ash, auburn bob. This auburn color is soft and whimsical and it best suits medium complexions and skin tones.

22. Deep brown auburn – Anne Hathaway

Deep-brown-auburn-Anne-HathawayThe actress from the Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway in this photo has a great looking deep brown auburn hair with lighter highlights. If you are, a fan of highlighting this can be the ideal choice as it brings elegance and goes along with most fair to medium complexions.

23. Dark blond auburn – Scarlett Johansson

Dark-blond-auburn-Scarlett-JohanssonScarlet Johansson in this photo has a very romantically styled, dark blond auburn color. This hair color tone often leaves an impression of elegance that is rarely matched by other shades. In this photo, the color of the hair contrasts the skin tone in a very warm and quite natural way.

24. Ash texture auburn – Emma Watson

Ash-texture-auburn-Emma-WatsonEmma Watson in this photo has a quite natural looking ash textured auburn hair. This shade goes perfectly well with her brown colored eyes and it brings out the deepness in the hair with only minimal highlighting. To keep your hair highlights from fading you should use hair color care products.

25. Dark brown auburn – Rachel Bilson

Dark-brown-auburn-Rachel-BilsonRachel Bilson in this photo has a quite fashionable dark brown, auburn hair with dark brown roots. This hair color works best with medium complexions and darker eye colors. Often looking quite dramatic, it can bring notable attention during autumn.

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