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50 Ridiculously Awesome Flower Beards

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50 coolest flower beardsFlower beards is the new trend in men’s facial hair that takes internet by storm. It is wickedly awesome and we just cannot get enough of it. Here is a collection of the 50 best flower beards.

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Guess the photos say it all. There is no reasonable explanation as to why would you want to decorate your mainly mane with flowers. The answer is simple – why not?

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Flower beards went viral overnight and that soon might overtake “planking” and “tebowing” in social networking posts. Want to join? Decorate your gorgeous beard with no less gorgeous flowers, put on a serious face, post your photos on Instagram and you are part of an exclusive club.

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The trend is not new. Hippies endorsed it in 60-s. This photo by Ralph Crane shows hippie with flowered beard in an anti-war demonstration in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 1967


And then there also was that famous Salvador Dali’s mustache decorated with daffodils and Bill Murray flowers beard.



The trend was revisited by few florists such as Sarah Winward from and And from there the new craze began.

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We can not believe there is even a mistletoe beard!

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Flower beards have a great artistic allegory that make many creative minds explode in excitement. Beards have been the universal symbol of masculinity for centuries. And covering them in fragile flowers makes a great artistic statement.

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Photographs from a project entitled Baltimore Beards

Via Valtimoresun


Via Valtimoresun

Tommy Franklin Flower Beard

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And if you want to complete your new flower beard obsession with an art print – here are few ideas for your home.

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via Arcstreet

flower beard art

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Decided to do your own flower beard – send us your photo!

fuck flowers - grow beard!