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Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair and Haircare Tips

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Thick hair is a gift, but also a massive hustle in your life. Your friends may envy you. But they do not know the trouble you have go through to manage it daily.  Little everyday things become the major issue. It takes you an hour to dry your hair. Finding an elastic tough enough to hold it is a major challenge, let alone a hair clip. You must be very selective about your hairstyles.  Thick hair is often curly and this adds another level of complexity – fighting frizz, defining curls, choosing a haircut, arranging the simplest of hairstyles. This post is dedicated to our readers with a thick hair who settled on medium length hairstyle. Let us know your thoughts about it.

Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair for Round Faces

Medium length layered hair for thick hair – cut and color!

1. Layered Medium Hairstyles

Often women with thick hair hesitate to cut it shoulder length worrying it will look like a safety helmet on their head. The simple trick is to layer your hair heavily from about ears level. Below are two great examples of how thick hair was managed into the shoulder length layered haircuts. Both are stunning and elegant.

Medium Hairstyles for Thick Brown Hair

Medium Layered Hairstyle – great for the thick hair

Ideal Facial Shape – all facial shapes with medium thick hair will look smashing in this kind of hairstyle.

How You Can Style It

Use a smoothing hair product such us L’Oreal Paris EverSleek Humidity Defying Leave-In Creme to make hair wet. Make a deep side parting and blow dry the hair to look straight. Smooth out segments of hair with a straightener. Use hairspray that can hold the hair to set the style.


2. Natural Curly Medium Hairstyles

There is a mistaken belief that bangs/fringe can not be used with curly hair. This is not quite right and photos below are a proof. Yes, you have to be very careful and account for the shrinkage on curly hair. But you can get fabulous style with soft bangs/fringe on curly natural hair. You will see that your appearance is instantly revitalized, not to mention a completely different level of sophistication added to your hair.

Black Medium Curly Hairstyles

Natural Curly Hair – Shoulder length with bangs/fringe


Side-swept bangs lighten up the thick hair volume around the face. The length and even layers of the curly hairstyle with bangs help to stimulate natural hair texture to be voluminous as well as have weight.

Suggested Hair Products

Use Organix Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Yogurt to smooth out fly-aways and add more moisture.

Medium curly layered hairstyle

Shoulder length natural curly hair with  nice layers


3. Medium Bob with Soft Curls for Thick Hair

A timeless look for medium thick hair with soft curls. Transform your classic aspirations with these retro inspired curls. For a much softer appearance, experiment by using a paddle brush to recreate this simple vintage medium hair soft curls.

Ideal Facial Shapes – square, heart, round, oval

Layered hairstyle for thick hair with slight waves

Layered hairstyle for thick hair with volume and soft waves

How You can Style It

You can use a rounded brush and then blow dry. With a standard curling iron, wrap the top to bottom parts of your hair, beginning with the upper part of the ear and leaving the crown part smooth and then pin curls into position. Spray your hair with a mild hold hairstyling spray.

Suggested Hair Products

Consider Kenra Volume Spray, Super Hold Finishing Spray. This gives your hair greatest volume as well as hold, at the same time keeping your hair looking healthy, in addition to glowing. It makes soft curls hairstyle stay longer throughout the day.

Medium hairstyle for thick wavy hair layered throughout

Curly medium length haircut


4. Well-Defined Medium Bob on Thick Hair

It is often advised that thick hair requires a softer, layered haircut and well-defined bob will not suit is.  But there always are exceptions to the rule. Both Katie Holmes and Anna Wintour turned medium length bob into an iconic look that and in their own ways became symbols of impeccable style. Such haircut does requires perfect grooming. It was said that Anna Wintour trims her hair daily. This might be too extreme for the most of us. But this hairstyle on thick hair is definitely for those who are ready to take time to style their hair daily.

Ideal Facial Shapes – square, heart, oval

Defined Bob Haircut for thick hair

Katie Holmes defined Bob Haircut for thick hair

Suggested Hair Products

Anna Wintour iconic bob hairstyle

Anna Wintour iconic bob hairstyle

5. Mid-length Bob for Thick Hair

Yet another bob-inspired medium length hairstyle. This is a mid-length bob hairstyle with an off the center parting, with razor-softened edge finish. The hairstyle is perfect for medium straight hair types.

Medium hairstyle for thick hair with soft layers and side fringe/bang

Medium hairstyle for thick hair with soft layers and side fringe/bang

How You Can Style It:

Blow-dry your hair to create the volume and use flat iron to straighten your hair and give it a smooth finish. Apply a mild-hold hairstyling gel or mousse. It will keep your hair flexible, but will avoid unnecessarily stiffness.

Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair Oval Face

Medium hairstyles for thick straight hair and oval face

6. Collarbone Length Haircut

Who said medium hair is only an in-between style as you are straightening your locks out? Becoming to know in the industry as simple “the Cut”  this haircut become more and more popular. The trick is to keep hair length not too short and not too long, just about collarbone length. For the sharp look blow-dry and straighten you hair using a flat iron hair-straightener. But this length is also great for curling and even long enough for an up-do or braids.

Straight Medium Length Hairstyle with highlighs

Straight Medium Length Hairstyle with highlighs


Suggested Hair Product:

Medium Hairstyles For Thick Straight Hair

Medium Hairstyles For Thick Straight Hair


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