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15 Ways To Add Bright Color To Your A-line Bob Haircut

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You might have already tried the A-line bob, but just need something a little more…magical! A pop of color in your bob may be just the thing! Why not try having ‘peek-a-boo’ highlights popping up through the waves – either to frame your face at the front of your bob haircut, or right through your hair. Go for a natural tone, or mix it up with something brighter, like pink or blue! Alternatively, you could just color your entire hair in one bright color, giving you a vibrant and unique look – one that people will remember long after they’ve forgotten your face!

Rose Pink and Steel ombre bob

Rose Pink Blonde

Blonde rose pink a-line bob

A gentle rose pink undertone will add a soft and elegant variety to your typical blonde bob. To make your hairstyle more intriguing go for hombre with a darker color to your head. It adds a multi-dimensional reaches to your hairstyle. Rose pink also looks amazing combined still platinum grey as multi-tone or ombre! Add soft waves to add movement and texture to your hair.


Blue and Teal Angled Bob with Under-Shaved Pattern

Blue teal A-line bob with glittered under-shaveThis messy angled bob haircut with the under-shaved embellished pattern is absolutely unique. Not your overage “Mermaid hair”. It brings up our childhood dreams of beautiful magical creatures of the world. The under-shaved pattern embellished with glitter is a luxurious touch of cool style, bohemian creativity, and rebellion.

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Glorious Purple, Blue, Red and Pink Multi-shade


We all these color schemes “A Galaxy Hair” as it resembles the outer space nebula colors. A glorious mix of purples, pinks, red and blue is a winning combination from out of this world. For the truly stunning effect differentiate the hight of the hair colors – use the darkest color closest to the roots, pink on the mid-length of your hair and purple hair color on lower section of your hair


Frozen Snow Blue Ombre Bob

This hair color from talented Kristi Mac is just spectacular! Icy platinum blonde and vivid blue ombre look like it was born somewhere in the Arctic. If Elza even had a bob it would be in this color!


Grey Ombre A-Line Bob

Platinum ombre A-line stacked bob

Steel grey and black hombre a-line bobAs the old saying goes “Grey only quits bright personalities!” It’s true. But if you own a personality and an attitude required to pull this look – it can be truly dramatic. While t is not nos as bright as other colors we feature in our post this grey hombre is so full of drama – it is one of our favorite color combinations this season.

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Shades of Red Fire Angled A-Line Bob

Want to know the secret of making the red hair color work? Use few shades of red, orange, burgundy and pink. Mimic the color pallet of the autumn leaves, a sunrise, or tropical flowers, and your hair will be a fury of creative energy an fun!


Black with Blue Under-Colour and Structured Inverted Bob

An unusual and very stylish color combination – black colored top sections of the hair with bright new lower layers. Make sure your fringe has few streaks of blue to keep your overall look a whole. This is a great and easy to maintain bright colored hairstyles for women who have a natural black hair. Your hair regrowth will be hidden under the top black hair section. As a more classical version, you can try ombre and grade your hair color from black to blue.


Bright Purple Hair Color with Bob Haircut

Add creative colour to your A-line bob

Bright Purple Hair Color on Bob Haircut

Add creative colour to your A-line bob

Bright Purple Hair Color on Bob Haircut

There is something mesmerizing about purple hair that makes it the most popular of all bright hair colors. Mix few shades of dark burgundy and purple hair color, or chose an ombre effect for a multi-dimensional reach effect.


Brightly colored Hair Streaks

Add creative colour to your A-line bob

Galaxy blue and purple streaks in your hair

If you never tried bright hair color you may want to try coloring just a few streaks of your hair. Position them so they frame your face, but are not directly in your face. Go as much os as little as you like and get the feel of the color first. But be warned – bright hair colors are addictive! In no time you might be coming for more, or will want to color all of your hair bright.


Mermaid Blue and Teal Bob

Add creative colour to your A-line bob

Mermaid Blue and Teal Bob Hairstyle

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