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34 African American Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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Steve Harvey once commented to an African-American female contestant on Family Feud that he thought women with short hairstyles exudes confidence. Some people may hold a different opinion. However, there are some perks and considerations for having African American short hairstyles. Some people have shared how short hairstyles require more maintenance and take more time to style, yet they balance out with the fact that getting used to the styles provides them with greater ease as time goes by. Short hairstyles become cozy over time and women juggling a lot of plates will often opt for the stylish short haircuts. There are some wondrous examples of trending short styles that turn heads and don’t require a lot of work.

African American short hairstyles for black women

African American short hairstyles for black women

There are some African-American women who have trouble getting their hair to grow. They can turn this around by rocking styles so ingeniously created for their short length, that it turns the problem into an outright blessing. Although there might not be a lot of it, that short hair requires loving attention. For example, it will need moisture through natural hair conditioning treatments with products like Nexxus Humesctress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner. Regular trims will help the short style to hold its layers and form.

African American Short Hairstyles

African American Short Hairstyles

Tapered short hairstyle

Tapered short hairstyle having a great comeback for both natural hair fans and those who prefer their hair treated. This season tapered hair becomes elegant, stylish, and versatile like never before. It is the great solution for those who want a low-maintenance and high in style look.

Natural Tapered Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Natural Tapered Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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Pixie cut Short African American hairstyles

Short Tapered African American hairstyles


Super Short TWA Hairstyle

This short natural hairstyle in the picture above is ideal for women because it looks adorable and flaunts the natural vibe. Many top-tier celebrities and models sport this style or TWA.  The maintenance for this super short style of natural hair is reasonable as long as you bear in mind that hair has to stay shiny, moist and fine.

Nice African American Short Hairstyles

Nice African American Short Hairstyles


A super short haircut like this is for women with long, square, heart-shaped and diamond face shapes.

African American Short Natural Hairstyles For Women

African American Short Natural Hairstyles For Women

Finger Coiled TWA

Another choice is to rock the teeny-weeny-afro is using a mane full of finger coils. A woman with a small head and oval face like the woman in the picture will look good with tiny finger coiled TWA. Women with round faces can opt for the medium length finger coils.


  1. Clean and condition your short hair
  2. Make a decision on which size coils you want
  3. After making that decision, allow the hair to air dry or towel dry it
  4. Use your fingers to make the coils in the size you decided. Take your time and work through the hair until it’s all done
  5. Moisturize the coils when finished and use a coil spray to give them needed stiffness and permanence


Blonde African American Hairstyles

Naturally, black women are born with dark hair. Yet many have the blonde hair. Bleaching and coloring dark hair can bring amazing results. Your options are endless – from few highlights to strawberry and honey blonde, to light blonde; from the natural hair of various length to many variations of relaxed hair and haircuts. No matter what your personal style is you can find a blonde shade and haircut that will look stunning on you.

Short Blond Hairstyle for Black Women

Short Blond Hairstyle for Black Women

This blonde bob can turn you into a bombshell. A long face can be ideal for a style. This haircut is asymmetric with one side of this haircut is longer and the bang is side swept, while one side goes just chin-length.

Want to find more ideas for blonde hairstyles? Check this post for many inspirational ideas and DIY instructions: “45 Hottest Blonde Hairstyles for Black Women”.

Blonde natural short Top End hairstyle

Blonde natural short Top End tapered hairstyle

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Cornrows and Braids Short Hairstyle

Getting braids in short hair is not as timely an affair as it is for braids with long hair. The lady in the photo above has a braid style that looks great. If she wants to grow longer hair, she can accomplish this by wearing the braids over time. This particular style is easy to do on one’s self, so going to a braid stylist is suggested. Check out our most popular article on protective braided hairstyles: “20 Charming Braided Hairstyles for Black Womenshort bob haircuts for black women

Braided hairstyle for black women

Short Natural Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Natural Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

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Bob Hairstyle for Black Hair

A woman with a round face like the woman in this picture can rock a bob hairstyle very elegantly. Bobs are nice to style and they highlight the face shape very well without overdoing it. For this chic look, a so-pretty face like this girl has is important, and you probably have one.

African American Short Hairstyles - Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women

African American Short Hairstyles – Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women

Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Short doesn’t always mean very short. The medium length hairstyle in this picture goes to the shoulders. You can go fabulously with wavy hair like this.


  • Always use a heat protectant spray or creme on each section before applying the heat.
  • Curl your hair: Separate bangs from the rest of the hair and pin them, so they are out of the way. Using a rat tail comb separate a section of your hair and curl it with flat iron. This will create soft curls. Once the rest of the hair is finished, you can come back to your bangs.
  • Spray your hair to fix your hairstyle.
  • Use a Professional Quality Curling Iron: While hair is moist and segmented, use a moderate barrel curling iron to make curls that mirror the ones in the picture. The best procedure is to hold your hair on the curling iron and then roll the iron downward slowly.

African American short curly hairstyles for women

Medium Bob Hair

A round or square face is a superb complement to a style like this. With a sweeping side bang, the fabulousness of the face can be shown off.

African American Long Bob Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles for Black Women – Medium Bob

Short to Medium Hairstyle for Black Hair

Short to Medium Hairstyle for Black Hair

Big Hair Afro Hairstyle

If one is dedicated to going the way of the full Afro, it may take some time to get the hair thick enough. The lady in the picture above, looks both natural and unique. In today’s hairstyle showcase, the Afro can certainly be said to be making a comeback.


  • Keep your hair and scalp moisturized: Wearing an Afro requires growing an Afro. It requires a thick mane, which can be gained by using natural hair products full of nutrients and moisture that can nourish the scalp and hair.
  • Plait your hair regularly: Body hormones go to work when you go to sleep. So hair grows when you are sleeping. If you plait your hair before going to bed, it will retain its moisture through the night.
  • Keep your hair away from heat: Stay away from hairstyles that require heat. During the summer, wear a hood or hat; especially if your hair is having one of those in-between days.
  • Keep split ends under control: Having the split ends trimmed, or trimming them yourself makes sense. Once that hair is gone, the remaining hair will be stronger and the hair can gain thickness.
  • Eat Well: Protein-rich foods like eggs, whole grains, carrots, bran, green vegetables, etc are healthy options for the body, and for the hair.
African American Short Hairstyles - Afro

African American Short Hair – Afro Hairstyle


  1. Twice a month use hair treatment or deep conditioning mask. This is important for keeping the hair clean and healthy. Over time, your hair will become stronger and longer.
  2. Avoid using blowers and heat. Blow dryer or other heat will damage the delicate African American hair. Use natural methods, like air drying or gentle towel drying. Some have found that microfiber hair towels are gentle, yet absorbent.
  3. Stay healthy. What you take into your body will affect your hair. Consider drinking plenty of water and eating a proper diet so that your hair will have a healthy and strong constitution. Fatty food leads to useless fat deposits under the skin, and to unhealthy weight gain. One healthy option is an organic diet rich in nutrients and vitamins. Eating fruit and vegetables will keep you healthier.
  4. Rest well and avoid unnecessary stress. Some stress is unavoidable. By staying relaxed and learning to live life on a daily basis, you will reduce your stress levels. Make sure your body gets enough sleep to provide you with optimum health. Sleep can help the body recuperate and restore what is taken from it through daily living.

Short Wig Options

Now that we’ve shared the glorious options in short African American hairstyles, we have to share that we understand that many busy, multi-tasking African American women have no time to maintain their own natural hair properly. This is where short wigs can be an answer to prayer. The African American Short Wig solution has been around for a long time. Time-honored and beautifying, it has graced the heads of the likes of the late Whitney Houston and many others. Some examples of such wigs follow. While they come with their own instructions, we offer some basic maintenance tips for the wigs shown.

Wavy Full Lace African American Wigs Light Golden Brown

Wavy Full Lace African American Wigs Light Golden Brown

Even when African American hair is thick, it may not be as long as many would like. The African American lady featured in the picture with medium brown shoulder length hair is showing one cute wig option. With a lace front design and a human hair texture, it looks like the real thing. This type of lace front wig can be donned in minutes, providing a similar look to the one shown on this celebrity. The salon saving wig will need similar care to the natural hair. One tip is to keep that glossy glow by spraying the wig regularly.

H. Volta Short Black Hairstyle Wig

H. Volta Short Black Hairstyle – GET THIS WIG HERE

With a super short and bright look, this wig exposes the face the way it does for Rihanna. If you have a similar skin tone, you can wear a wig this color. Going for fake eyelashes to accompany this look is also a bright and mighty fine idea.

Rhianna Wavy African American Hairstyle

Rhianna Wavy African American Hairstyle

Face shape

Women with oval, heart and square faces will look best in this style. A woman with an ample forehead can have the bangs brushed to the front to provide some coverage. Keep this wig moist and smooth by spraying it with wig spray. Roses aren’t the only thing that’s red, as the rhyme goes. In this fiery red style, called Red Wig by Rhianna, it’s hard to not get noticed. Those who don’t follow the beaten path, or who wish to announce that they are on the scene can wear this bold and bright wig style. Curling or waving the hair before coloring it red is another option for those who prefer their own hair in this brilliant color with the same style. Rihanna has served as a source of hairstyle inspiration for many African American and other black women worldwide. She has been featured with short haircuts, and she delivers a special attitude with each one. In the three featured pictures of Rihanna, she showcases great versatility. Her versatile passion should be catchy, leading you to consider how to use variety in your own hairstyles. Trying on wigs at the beauty store can give you valuable inspiration. Perhaps you’ll find one to take home.


Clashing colors is not the name of the game. Red hair does not match every color of the outfit. Following are some acceptable colors to wear with red hair.

  • White. Neutral and a great contrast, this color in a top, blouse or complete outfit gets a green light. Go!
  • White and black. If you like to take a walk on the wild side, you’ll be glad to know that you can do white and black clothing with red hair, such as a zebra print.
  • Purple. Those who are color blocker fans will love this color. Purple works well with red hair.
  • Teal. This is another color blocker option, but it will not be a good choice for those who are not fans of color blocking.
  • Black. Black is safe. You can’t go wrong with basic black, and it works remarkably well with red hair.
  • Polka Tops. Black and white, or polka dots using red or yellow work well with red hair.
  • Blue. Denim will work with red in a short hairstyle. A denim jacket with black and white bottom will prove an excellent selection.
  • Dark Gray. This color is very similar to black, so it carries the same acceptability with red hair.
  • Red. A red blazer with a white, black or yellow top will help you carry off short red hair very well. Even a red dress or red top will work, as will a red top with a pink skirt and peplum pumps.
Short Hairstyle for Black Women

Short Hairstyle for Black Women

African American Short Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Those who are a bit thick could stand to take my advice and avoid hairstyles that are volumized. Afro hairstyles are one example. The problem with them is that they make you look plumper. Curly hair and short hair can be a great team. Take a look at the three curly/wavy hairstyle options provided. Keep in mind that the dimension of the curl will be determined by the nature of your hair and the barrel size of the curling iron. Making waves and curls naturally can be another heat-free option, but a curling iron can make this a bit easier. As long as you use a heat protectant, you should be OK with using a curling iron to achieve this style.

Big waves are not just for the ocean. The lady in position 17 is able to have these big waves in her tresses because she has thick, volumized hair. If you braid your thick hair, which is often thick as a tendency for African Americans, you will be able to add length. A healthy diet and the use of hair growth supplements will help speed along the hair growth process.

There’s nothing wrong with a straight haircut. It can give you a simple and cool, comfortable look. If you spray it in the morning and brush it straight, you can save time and money. Wigs that feature this straight look is another option. The three featured examples of beautiful black women with straight short haircuts may give you plenty of ideas.



  • Wash and condition your hair: While this routine seems so repetitive, it works wonders. This is the first place to start when styling your hair. Make sure the products you use are sulfate free and rinse the conditioner out with cold water so the volume remains thick,
  • Dry your hair: After rinsing out the conditioner, use a gentle on your hair professional quality blow dryer to partially dry the hair. Leave it a little bit moist, but do not straighten wet hair.
  • Apply heat protectant: Make sure you use a heat protectant on each section before straightening it with a flat iron.
  • Comb the hair straight: Comb the hair straight with a wide tooth comb to help prepare it for the new style and for the straightening tool. This also removes tangles.
  • Set the flat iron: Use a moderate heat setting to get the flat iron ready. Part the hair into sections to make it easier to straighten. Straighten one section at a time after applying a heat protectant. If a section gets dry, mist it a little bit with water, so that it gets moist (never wet).
  • Trim Split Ends: Nice straightened hair will broadcast split ends. After finishing the entire head of hair, get hair shears and trim off the split ends. The end result will be a neat, straight cut.
  • Spray the new fresh hair: If you want results like the ladies in position 12 & 13, you should spray the hair with good hairspray to keep it smooth and volumized.
  • Use all natural hair products exclusively: Organic or natural hair products is the best medicine for African American hair. Make sure to find products that cater to your hair, be it oily or dry. Jojoba & Olive oil are excellent options for dry hair. However, don’t use products that are too heavy, for they will weigh hair down and make it too thick.

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