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40 Trendy Medium Hairstyles for Women of All Ages

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40 medium hairstyles for all ages

This year medium haircut is about soft natural lines and timeless sophisticated style. The medium hairstyle can be very diverse and one of the most versatile haircuts. These hairstyles suite very age – young and old. Whether you go for the bohemian messy waves or for a polished look a shoulder-length haircut is always in trend. Get inspired by medium length hair collection and pick the most appealing style to try yourself!

1. Classy Feathered Bangs on Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyle

This layered shoulder length hairstyle with soft waves is a simple yet classy look. With a little touch of blonde color, this can be a hot look for you too. Give the bangs some feathers with the heat of your blow dry and a paddle brush.

2. Messy Long A-line Bob

If we had to pick up our favorite hairstyle of the year it would be the messy long A-line Bob with beachy waves. The effortless bohemian elegance and natural hair texture make it a winner! If you’ve got curly hair, simply tamp down the springiness with a flat iron. If you have straight hair, add in some relaxed waves. Simple and super gorgeous!

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3. Messy Choppy Outward Layers With Bangs:

This choppy layered haircut with bangs is chic yet sophisticated. You need an expert hairdresser to get this look. But maintaining this haircut is quite easy. You can style it in so many ways. Recreate a relaxed look we suggested here or restyle to make it suit your personality and occasion.

4. Heavy Bangs and Layers

This soft medium length hairstyle with heavy bangs is full of bohemian elegance. Pair it with smoky eyes and nude lip makeup for the festival perfect look. Heavy bangs fit perfectly onto the layered medium length hairstyle

5. Voluminous Blowout

Classical blowout hair is always on trend and looks positively delicious. All you need to do is use a medium to small-ish sized round brush. If your brush is too big, it can get kind of unwieldy. To get the voluminous effect, blow-dry your roots upwards to get more lift.

6. Feathered Medium Hair

A perfect combination of color and cut. Lightly feathered medium length hair looks great on both thin and thick hair. Not often the same hairstyle suits both types of hair. But in this case, the hairstyle perfectly addresses issues of both thin and thick hair. It adds volume and texture to the thin hair. And it takes off excess volume from the thick hair making it more manageable and shaping it. Feathering is our favorite layering style this season. It adds interest and class to the otherwise simple haircut.

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7. Collarbone Length haircut


 Known as “Lob”, “Long Bob”, or “The Cut”, the collarbone length medium hair is perfect. It would be the most favourite celebrity haircut – very diverce and easy to manage. You can wear it messy and careless. You can style for the red carpet as a blowout glamor or even an updo.

8.Texturized messy haircut

Positively delicious. This carelessly stylish messy harstyle is so on trend this season. Dress is down with a singless and a apir of jeans, or dress it up with a coctail dress for the night out.

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