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Celebrity Trend – 12 amazingly feminine side-shaved haircuts

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Sexy ladies Hello! This blazing summer we’re here with the hottest buzz, for the ‘la belle dames sans merci. Wait no longer to chop, crop and drop your locks in pursuit of pure coolness. This ain’t for the faint hearted. We present you a whole new season of styles, to let your scalp looking bold & free!

Celebrity Trend - 12 amazingly feminine side-shaved haircuts

Short Side-shaved Hairstyles

Who doesn’t like a change? A clean undercut shave style adorning like a tiara, Rihanna leaves you feeling electrified. R&B star Rihanna likes to keep it soft and velvety with an auburn wash. A darker tone at the side is flattering. Flaunt the bangs obscuring your eye.

Rihanna side shaved haircut

Rihanna – side shaved asymmetrical haircut

Flame up your imagination, with complimenting hues. Try and get this not too hard, super sensual hairdo and make heads turn!

Pink Buzz - cut

Miley Cyrus pixie with almost shaved sides

The pixie look is making a comeback. To get your shock of hair straight up, smoothen your spikes with an intense hair gel. Apply from roots to end and blow dry. Try finger tips to direct the hair.

Scarlett Johansson - side shaved haircut

Scarlett Johansson – the latest celebrity to try side-shaved haircut

Scarlett Johansson - side shaved haircut

Scarlett Johansson – latest side shaved haircut

With a razor trimmed under cut, let your canopy sweep backwards sleek and styled. Scarlett Johansson sports the less is more look. Giving an illusion of depth, this undercut looks funkier when tinted with global highlights.

Grab sections and use flat iron to wrap the hair backwards in a parabola. Define with a smear of texture paste. Dangling earrings of flickering hues is a fabulous accessory.

Side cut short hairstyle

One side under-shave with long side-swept bang

Catch a disco wearing it down- layered. Clean, neat and non-fussy. Apply a gentle dab of mousse for the toss.

A dash of winged eyeliner, and even more dramatic. Finish off with a mist of hair spray for the soft layers. Cat fur or swans wing people?

Shaved hairstyles for women

Mohawk look with shaved sides for women

Buzz cut is all the rage. Try puffing it up for that Mohawk look with much oomph? Scrunch your waxed hair and rake your fingers softly from roots to tips. Whip it back together and flip it backwards, from forehead to nape.

To get that grizzled steel, smoothen with a hold-hair gel. Pair it with eagle feather earrings to look straight out of a folklore.

side shaved short haircut

Asymmetric side-shaved bob and silver-pink color

A short undercut with a femme touch of blushing pink! This peekaboo look is great for any occasion.

To look natural, spritz a blow dry primer before styling. Let it drop around your cheeks following the curves like rosy straws.

Side shaved haircut for women

Show your attitude! Mohawk hair with geometric pattern under-shave

Get inspired with this puffed crowning glory. Paired with streaks of sporty pattern, a hair mower it is!

Buzz in some war stripes, below the curled thatch? Curl iron, sprays and a strong gel should do the trick. Plenty of styling options. High maintenance though!

Side-Shaved Long Hairstyles

Asymmetry rules. For a mix of both worlds, adopt a side shaved long hairstyle. Braid it or leave it hanging down the sides from a high castle. Does that ring a bell?

A pea sized frizz fighting serum is a must. Splish-splash of neon green or blue pushes the punk look even further.

side cut for girls

Side-shave with long hair and aqua-green color

Bundled at the top, a bunch of luscious curls, Jada Pinkett Smith saves it with a knot. A great casual wear. Catch this style by perming the long half. Oh! And it’s really low maintenance.

Let it wreath your face to a side. Spot the curl effect? No better way to perk up and make you feel all the way alive!

Jada Pinkett Smith side haircut

Jada Pinkett Smith asymmetrical side shave with a knot

Jada Pinkett Smith sports a deep side parted style, with soft waves bringing in, a swirl! It’s nothing, if not a perfect blend of cute and fierce!

This relaxed side shave gives an edge, to say the least. Forget not to apply a volumizing mousse to enhance the layers.

Jada pinkett smith crazy hair

Jada Pinkett Smith deep side undershave with long hair

Try a classic twist with an effortless pony tail. Like the looks of Rihanna’s long under shave style?

This looks great for oval and diamond shaped faces. A medium curl iron can set your hair to feathery waves at the base.

Stylish Buzzcut

Rihanna’s stylish asymmetrical under-shave with long hair

Looks alike? No! A fish tail braid hanging down the nape of a Mohawk buzz. Varying length of the crest falls into a sensuous front bang.

Leave it fluffy or flat and allow your eyes to pop with a kohl. The style speaks for itself!

Buzzcut for women

Faux braided mohawk with shaved sides


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