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12 Long Hairstyles For Everyone

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1. Bohemian Half-Braid

Bohemian Half Braid

There are endless variations for this edgy yet chic half-do. Jazz up a classical half braid with asymmetrical sections of different sizes, or a combination of few braid types, or add a small braided bun. Wherever this hairstyle takes you, have fun!

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2.Messy Half top knot

Festival hair at t’s best! Messy half buns are officially The Thing this season. “It breaks the rules, but in a flirty way,” says Matt Fugate, a New York stylist who works with celebs such as Karlie Kloss and Bebe Rexha. “A perfect bun can look stoic, but messy buns have a carefreeness to them that can toughen a look.”

3. Chic slick pony tale

A slick low pony is always in trend. This simple hairstyle is a classical “dress up” for any occasion – from smart office to party. Michael Silva, Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, points 2 greatest tips for the perfect chick slick ponytail:


  • Do not skip the preparation! Run some dry oil through your hair after the blow dry. This will make sure your hair is smooth as glass.
  • Before pulling the hair into a ponytail spray your roots lightly with hairspray, holding the can 7-10 inches away from the head. “This will be the foundation,” says Silva. Why do it? Often we find that our slicked-back ponytail slowly starts to fall apart in few hours.

To add Wow-factor add unique accessories such us our clear “glass” ponytail cover or hair jewelry.

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4. Wear a hair scarf

Hair scarfs are a great solution for the bad hair days. Long or curly hair has endless styling possibilities of head scarfs. Here are few ideas for you.

5. French twist

Need an elegant classic hairstyle? Try French twist. This timeless hairstyle is common for weddings and proms. Use classical French twist for the boardroom, or try a more relaxed option for the night out. Mastering a French twist might require few test runs. But it is worth the effort. Below are few great tutorials. But here are few additional tips:

  • Start with a hair that was not washed for a day. It is much easier to manage
  • Curl your hair to add some texture
  • Tease top section of the hair

If your hair is soft add some texturing powder before teasing. This will help creating volume and holding the hairstyle for longer

6. Side rope braid

Rope braid adds charm and personality to this simple hairstyle. It’s very quick easy to achieve. It looks more difficult than it really is. In reality it should not take you more than three minutes. But the result is absolutely glamorous. Give it a try.


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7. Vintage High Pony

Everyone loves vintage hairstyles! But they are often overlooked as thy perceived to be very difficult to master. Yet this vintage ponytail is an easy DIY. This look can be worn anytime. It is casual enough for daytime and looks classy enough for the evening.



8. Easy Braided Updo

This updo is my personal secret beauty weapon! You only need 5 minutes to turn bad hair day into glamorous hairstyle that last all day and well into night. And the best part – it does not even have to be 5 minutes in a row and you do not even have to be in front of the mirror for the most of this time (a lifesaver when having a tough morning with kids).

This is a perfect updo hairstyle for the medium length hair. But is your hair is short or very thin you might want to add these few steps:

  • Tie a low ponytail on a middle hair section before braiding it. This will help to keep your short hair in a braid.
  • If you have a short or thin hair you might want to add a clip-on ponytail to the middle hair section and braid it with your hair.

9. Braided Half Crown

Braids are continued to be on top of the trend. Yet they are becoming more sophisticated with every day. If you want to stay on top of the trend, without committing to major braiding projects – braided half-crown is for you. It is much easier and faster to do then it looks. So give it a try.

And here are few variations on the braided crown hairstyle.

10. Double Braid Into Bun

Funky twist on ever popular bun and Dutch braid – combine both. And if one chic bun is not enough for you – make it double. There are endless variations to this hairstyle. Try an upside-down Dutch braid, twist, high or low bun, Single or double bun. Have fun!

11. Messy Top Knot

We love big buns (and we cannot lie). There are so many reasons you should embrace this hairstyle too! It pairs perfectly with your most relaxed hoddie. But it also can easily be dressed up and it adds just the right amount of chic to more formal outfit. Master a top knot and you will have a perfect hairstyle for any occasion – from gym to office, to cocktail party.

12. Braided crown and hair jewelry

Boho style is back! “This season’s rendition of bohemian is a little more tidy, a little more chic. It’s a polished and refined version.”  Says fashion journalist Alexandra Cameron “It’s bohemian without the hippy, and we like it that way.”  Well selected hair accessories, such as this handmade hair jewelery by Circletrest adds effortless bohemian glam to the simple hairstyle. If you like this Persian Princess worth headpiece – order it today while our 50% off sale last,

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