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6 Long Hairstyles For Everyone

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Cute Long hairstyles 2013

Cute Long hairstyles

These cute long hairstyles will inspire you. Timeless and elegant they are easy to do yourself. Long hair differs in style, some have bangs, curls, waves and updo. So take a look and decide which of these cute long hairstyles looks the best on you.


1. Straight Hair with Bangs

This classical hairstyle has been worn by many style icons – from Sandra Bullock to Taylor Swift. Simple and elegant this is a hairstyle everyone has to try at least once in their life.

Cute long hairstyles with layers 2013

Textured Layers and Bangs on long hair

Cute long hairstyles for round faces

Straight Hair with Bangs

Cute Long Hairstyles With a Bang 2013

Straight Hair with Bangs

2. Straightened and center parted hair

This classical hairstyle looks good on women with oval and round face shape There is nothing complicated about styling. But the key to this hairstyle is healthy, carefully layered hair and a good quality flat iron. This simple cute hairstyle if great for any occasion – work, date, party.

Cute Long Hairstyles 2013 - Women

Straightened central parted hair

Styling tips:

  • Always apply Hear Protector to dry hair before using flat iron.
  • Never use flat iron in wet hair, as it can easily damage it
  • Use a Shine Spray to add silky shine to your hair. It will also moisturize your hair and will make it more managable.


3. Braided Half Updo:

This is a funky twist on classical half-updo. Create volume by adding a texturiser and a volumising spray to your hair. Then do light braid to the upper part.  Do not overdo it. Three-four braids will look cute. Do not know how to braid? We have plenty of cool and easy braid tutorials here

Cute long hairstyles for Prom - 2013

Braided Half-Updo


4. Beachy Waves and Bangs on Long Hair:

Teenage Girls Hairstyles 2012

Beachy waves and bangs on long hair

5. Soft Waves on Long Layered Hair:

There is a minion ways to curl long hair. Whatever is your preferred curling style – aim for large soft waves.

Cute long Curly hairstyle 2013

Soft Waves on Long Layered Hair

6. Waterfall braid on Long hair:

This braided hairstyle looks complex and intricate. But waterfall hairstyle it is easy to do yourself even for those who are new to braiding. We have a very detail tutorial on Waterfall braid  here. Take a look and you will be braiding waterfalls in not time.


Cute Wavy Long Hairstyles

Waterfall braid on long hair


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