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Holographic hair – the hottest new hair color trend

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Holographic hair it the latest coloring trend everyone is going wild about. Since the pictures of holographic hair started to appear on Instagram and Pinterest the social media is going crazy about it, and every unicorn in the universe is jealous about. It is easy to see why. Having a holographic hair is like wearing your favorite makeup highlighter but on your hair. Soft metallic supernatural holo pastel shades are mesmerizing. Holo hair trend is set to be the hottest in hair color this spring and summer.


How is Holographic Hair Created?

Holographic hair trend started by talented US hairstylists at Ross Michael Salon. Hair is first lightened adding Olaplex to eliminate the damage during the bleaching and even improve hair condition. Opalex completely eliminates the damage during the bleaching and makes it possible to transition in one session even from the dark to light blonde hair. After this light pastel shades are created by mixing blond shades with Pravana ChromaSilk Precious Metals collection dyes in lavender, blue, pink, teal, yellow. This created a gorgeous muted metallic holo effect which became known as a Holographic Hair.

Temporary Holographic Hair Foam from Sephora

Since then Sephora also stepped in with its IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam. It is packed with glitter and pearly shade-shifting glowing color that allows you to color your hair temporary with holographic effect and washes out easily with shampoo. It comes in two colors – Meteor and Moon Rock. Meteor shifts from blue to purple, while Moon Rock shifts from pink to teal. Both colors are is more glittery than the true holo. But it is still a beautiful way to try this trend for an event, or before committing to it in a long term. And it can be added to dark hair as well.

Holographic Fashion Trend

The holographic color trend is not new and is very widespread. It includes not just hair, but also nails, closes, makeup, jewelry, and accessories. We previously saw a similar color scheme on Opal hair. But the Holographic trend is different and the glowing color-changing “holo” metallic effect is what sets it apart. Hair color artists often use natural pallets when creating a Holographic Hair delivered from opal stones, northern lights, mother of earth and paua shells, sunsets. But there really are no limitations and a superficial color pallet is also often used.

Holographic hair by Ross Michaels Salon – the creators of the trend


Mesmerising Metallic Holographic Hair

Are you wearing a Holoraphoing hair? Share your photo with us. We simply cannot get enough of this trend!