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23 Trendy Medium Haircuts for Women

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Medium length hair shows women’s personality like no other style! It is eye-catching, practical, versatile. And did we mentioned practical? Medium hair can be styled in a variety of ways, combined with hair accessories, show volume, curls, or be taken back. It does not require meticulous care, unlike long hair. Yet you are not limited to the one hairstyle with minor variations, unlike short hair. We hope this article will help you chose medium hairstyle that will suit your type and personality.

23 New Trendy Medium Hairstyles


This is a pure cuteness and a definition of the “smart casual” in hairstyle. It’s feel of personality and charm. While it still “reads” as a medium bob, it is heavily layered for the relaxed feel, volume and lightness.  This is great article with more ideas for the thick medium length hair .

Funky medium haircuts for straight hair

Funky medium haircuts for straight hair



This chin length bob with longer bangs/fringe is super feminine. While being shorter then most of examples in this article it still allows to be curled into the glamorous style. This is a great for women with oval faces and straight hair

Styling tips:

  • To curl your hair like this first use put a little of hydrating cream, such as Phyto 9 to your hair.
  • Spray hair with heat protestant. My recent favorite is TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Protective Spray.
  • Curl your hair with flat iron. Keep in mind that smaller hair sections will produce tighter curls, larger sections – looser curls. Working on one hair section at the time grab it mid length with a hot flat iron, slightly turn the iron in direction you want your wave to go. Wrap the hair below flat iron around the hot plate and run the iron down. This will produce the soft waves.
  • Apply a bit of a hairspray to the top sections of your hair near roots. Then work with your hands though the hair to add volume and style as you desire. When you are happy with results fix your waves with hairspray as well.


Chin-length bob cut with straight hair

Chin-length bob cut with straight hair – Source

Chin-length bob cut with curly hair

Chin-length bob cut with curly hair – Source

Hairstyle on photos below are actually a similar haircut as above, but styled with more volume and less defined curls. This is another option of styling a chin-length bob. To create this voluminous effect simply apply hair styling foam to your hair, then  start working with flat iron directly from the roots.  Only turn the flat iron slightly – this will create very soft waves.

Chin-length bob styled with lots of volume and soft curls

Chin-length bob styled with lots of volume and soft curls

Chin-length bob styled with lots of volume and soft curls

Chin-length bob styled with lots of volume and soft curls


This style is has longer below-shoulders hair ends. But it is heavily layers to give a light feathered effect. Both longer and shorter bangs/fringe works great. So talk to your hairstyling what would suit you most.

When styling your hair you can keep it straight, curl slightly, or go for feathered ends slightly turned outwards. All three styling options can be replicated with flat iron. To add volume to your hair you have to apply hair foam at the crown area near the roots. Then start hot-ironing your hair from the roots and put it upwards.

Wavy Medium Haircuts

Wavy Medium Haircuts

Medium Haircuts for square faces

Medium Haircuts for square faces


To create feathered effect like on picture below turn the flat iron slightly (by about 30 degrees) outwards near hair ends. It you want more defined curls then turn flat iron more. You can even wrap your hair around the flat iron.

Black Medium Haircuts

Straight layered medium length hair for the black women – Source


Known in the industry as simply “the Cut” this shoulder length hairstyle is an absolute favorite. The trick is to keep the length just right – not too long and not too short. It is effortlessly chic and can be styled in variety of ways. The collarbone length is the most fashionable at the moment. And depending on your style you might want to layer it slightly to keep volume at the desirable areas.

On photos below the simple and elegant surly haircut was transformed with soft lose waves.

Wavy shoulder length hair

Wavy shoulder length hair

Medium Length Wavy Haircut

Medium Length Wavy Haircut


Still not sure about this hair length or not ready to commit yet? You can try this hairstyle as a wig

Medium Haircuts with layers

Medium Haircuts with layers – Source


Inverted bob has become a symbol of impeccable style. This haircut will require routine styling – blow dry or hot ironing. But results will be worth the effort! Do not forget to apply heat protectant before using hot tools. Our favorite is HSI Professional Argan Oil Leave In Conditioner Flat Iron Thermal Protector. It will also fight frizz which is very important for this hairstyle, and will make your hair healthier.

Medium Inverted Bob

Medium Inverted Bob

Slick Inverted Bob

Slick Inverted Bob – Source

Inverted Bob for Black Women

Inverted Bob for Black Women – Source



With chin-length at the front and  longer neck-length hair at the back this hairstyle is trendy and easy to maintain. Bangs/fringe is quite fence it is soft and feathered. This is a great haircut for the square and oval faces.


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