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Tutorial: Mermaid braid half up hairstyle

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It’s mesmerizing, isn’t it? Despite its visual complexity this waterfall into mermaid braid is not difficult to complete. And we will teach you how to create this beautiful hairstyle at home. We will be honest with you – combining these two hairstyles is not for DIY. But if you have a friend or a family member who can braid your hair, or someone whose hair you can braid – sit tight! We will teach you exactly how to do this gorgeous hairstyle in no time!


This waterfall braid into the mermaid braid is not complex, but it requires some precision in selecting the same strand of hair from waterfall twist and braiding it into the low set mermaid braid. You can “dress up” or “dress down” this hairstyle to your liking or even add a romantic feel to it with soft waves, or you could go for a casual hippy inspired look.


Waterfall into mermaid braid video tutorial

Here is a great video tutorial for the waterfall twist into mermaid half braid. This should answer all your final questions and get you fully equipped to complete this hairstyle yourself.

How to do waterfall into mermaid braid

  1. Prepare your hair. This braid looks best if you have straight hair at the back of your head, below the braid. So straighten your hair if you have natural curls. If you would like to add some waves – curl the ends of your hair only. Alternatively, if you have very long hair curl your it from about the neck down.
  2. Start with thin waterfall braids on each side of your head, begin right at the top of your crown and braid them until they meet at the back of your hair. If you are not familiar with waterfall braid – we have a great photo and video tutorial. This part is not difficult at all.
  3. Take the last two strands of hair from one side of the waterfall braid and the last strand of hair from the second side of the waterfall braid and join them; braiding for few centimeters. Alternatively, you can fix them with a clear elastic band. This will give you time to rest before you continue with mermaid braid.
  4. Continue the mermaid braid, adding the strands of hair from the waterfall braid. Do not add any other hair. You can spray strands of hair lightly with the hair spray to avoid frizz. Keep your braid loose. And make sure the hair underneath of your braid falls down straight.
  5. When you’re finished, fix your braid with clear elastic. You can add a ribbon or a pin if you like.


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This photo tutorial is by fabulous Christina Burcher, the DIY braiding guru and the author of the best-selling book “30 Braids in 30 days”.



Waterfall braid on long stright hair

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