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Tutorial: Waterfall braid half-updo

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From the first moment I saw this braid I was hooked! Is there any other braid that is equally gorgeous and looks so simplistic and so complex at the same time? Well I don’t think so! You will be surprised to learn that it is an easy and fast braid  so you can easily self-braid.


The Waterfall braid is really just a modified French braid. You braid it horizontally; drop the lower hair strand each time and pick up a new strand instead. It’s not as complex as it sounds, trust me! After you  go through our photo and video tutorial, you will be ready to make a perfect waterfall braid yourself.


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How to do a waterfall braid:

  1. Part your hair  further to one side if you want to braid one side only. Part it in the middle or close to the middle if you want to braid both sides.
  2. Take 3 small hair strands close to the side of your forehead, twist strands as in the French braiding technique. Keep your braid horizontal.
  3. Add small section of hair to the top strand and braid it in.
  4. Drop the lower strand.
  5. Pick a new small section of the hair right behind the strand you just dropped. Braid it in, replacing the dropped strand.
  6. Continue your braid adding a new hair section to the top strand, dropping the lower strand and replacing it with the new hair strand.


Waterfall braid – video tutorial:

Here is a great video tutorial by Missy Sue. After watching it you will be fully equipped and ready to braid this hairstyle.

Few tricks to a successful waterfall braid:

  • Braiding works the best 1-2 days after washing, when the hair is the easiest to work with and has less frizz.
  • If you have a fringe or shorter hair at the front that you want to braid in, braid it in a narrow French braid over your forehead, then change to the waterfall braid.
  • If you braid someone else’s hair, get that person to fold the strands of hair you dropped. They will be away from your working area, and it will be easier and neater.
  • If you braid your own hair,it will be easier for you to work with larger strands of hair. At least until you complete this hairstyle few times  toget a good feel of it.
  • You can also do waterfall braid as a modified twist braid (two strands braid). It’s the same principle – drop the  lower strand of hair and pick a new strand nearby.  Add new hair to the top strand. This works particularly well on curly hair. But if you hair is silky and fine, the modified French braid will give you a better grip and will last longer.


Waterfall braid variations:

This is the classic waterfall braid hairstyle – half-updo on long hair, soft curls, braids on both sides meet at the back of a head, and elastic is hidden by the hair strand wrapped around it. A tryingly timeless and sophisticated look!

waterfall-braid-for-long-hairA  similar style, but tighter curls give more of a hippy vibe to the braid.


This is an asymmetrical hairstyle – braid on one side only, up to the middle of a head. Braid is done diagonally – it starts at the fringe and ends at the ear height. A  few twists of a three strand braid enhance the diagonal direction and help securing the braid.


Waterfall braid crown. Braid on one side only continuing all around the back of your head like a low crown. The braid ends near the opposite ear. Hide ends of a braid under hair and secure it with few bobby pins.


For a combination of the previous two hairstyles  Braided diagonally this braid starts near forehead and continues all the way around the head to the opposite side. This finishes below the ear with three strand braid. Instead of hiding ends of a braid, it makes a feature of the end braid.


The waterfall braid is also a great solution for short and fine hair. Braided into faux headband it is a great and stylish solution when trying to  grow bangs, or when you want to keep volume  in yourhair at the top.


This braid works great even on fine and short hair, it helps to keep hair away from the face, and adds style. You can do it even with  a short bob, as it picks up longer hair at the top of the head and does not rely on length of the hair to secure the braid.



Waterfall braid can also be combined with other braids to create the more complex hairstyle. You can combine waterfall braid with mermaid braid to create the most intricate hairstyle – see this post for inspirations and tutorial.


The Waterfall braid is one of the most elegant hairstyles. It suits every occasion from romantic weddings and proms, to the date, office, to tidy up your hair after the beach or day in the park with kids. Just give it a try!

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